Posted by: schmivian | December 8, 2009

Hot Springs

Just to the north of Beijing’s city center and about 2500 meters underground lies a massive lake at a constant 40 degrees Celsius. Feeling like a bit of a trip to relieve all the stresses of city life, we cabbed it out to the Hua Qing Wenhua resort, one of several clustered above the lake. I am not quite sure what I expected, but irrationally, my imagination led me to hope for something like this:

Sadly, however, these hot springs in typical garish Beijing style were outfitted with purple and teal Christmas lights. And rather than bearded monkeys, they had concrete statues of pandas, penguins, alligators. . .More like this:

Still, a good soak in hot water felt amazing I’d do it again in a hot sec.


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