Posted by: schmivian | November 9, 2009

Great Wall

So this weekend, a few friends and I are planning a trip to Mongolia Mongolia (the country, as opposed to Inner Mongolia the Chinese province). They have to leave the country for a ‘visa run’ and I decided to tag along for this little road trip. Part of the adventure plan (thus far) includes camping out in a Great Wall guard tower, so I remembered that I should post some of my Great Wall photos from earlier this year. This weekend will hopefully look like this, except 50 degrees colder; The tower will have 4 very very very cold people inside, a fire, and lots of rum and cider. In just a few months here, I’ve been to different sections of the Great Wall three times. And incredible as it is, I remember wishing that I had never seen pictures of the Great Wall before because as it turns out, it looks just like it does in the pictures. Soo…here’s to soiling that first Great Wall visit for the rest of you I guess. =)

Bonus! Who can spot the mating praying mantises (manti??).



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