Posted by: schmivian | September 2, 2009

more about the butts.


Investigative bloggers and travelers Stepho and Crank have already discussed in detail the curious butt-less baby pants phenomenon rampant in Beijing. Today on a walk around the Houhai area, I stumbled across some evidence that this practice has much deeper, more profound roots – in fact, it’s been deemed worthy of public commemoration in bronze.

We can draw a clue from this little exhibitionists hairstyle – the man-braid, also called a “queue”, was a hairstyle imposed by the Manchurians who invaded China in 1644, kicking off the Qing Dynasty. Any man who refused to wear his hair shaved and braided was executed on the spot. So men’s hairstyling really hit a rut here and continued this way right up until 1911’s Xinhai Revolution, after which queues virtually disappeared from the scene.

So, given the coexistence of butt-less pants and man-braids, now we know sightings of such breezy cheeks have been around for about 100 years at the very least!


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